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Water Oaks Capital

Our Legacy


The Water Oaks Legacy

The Harper Family ancestors migrated to Northeast Texas in 1838.  Around 1900, the family ancestors purchased 200 acres of land in Pittsburg, TX.  It was on that land that Jonathan Harper’s grandfather, William Rex Spencer, was born and raised.

During the Korean War, Spencer earned the title Pacific Air Commander of the United States Air Force.  Throughout his military service, Colonel Spencer would send his hard earned savings back to his parents in Pittsburg to purchase land contiguous to the family homestead. 

Before his death in 1976, he had built his dream home, accumulated approximately 1,000 acres that focused on loblolly pine timber production, and named it Water Oaks Farm.               

Today, six generations removed from the original land purchase, the Harper Family gathers regularly to enjoy the fruits of their ancestors’ hard work and sacrifice.  Jonathan Harper is the active manager of the family timber business and named Water Oaks Capital in honor of his family heritage and legacy.  Jonathan’s goal is to steward his family resources for his three boys and for the many generations to come.


3100 Monticello Ave., Suite 860, Dallas, TX 75205

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